Q: What does it mean if an item has a "reserve"?

A: A reserve auction means the seller has a reserve amount and the merchandise is sold only if the bidding had achieve the reserve amount or higher.


Q: What does "absolute" and "no reserve" mean?

A: An absolute and no reserve means that the items for sale will sell regardless of amount bid.


Q: What is a buyer's premium?

A: This is an auction service fee added to the auctioneer "sold" price or hammer price of each item. The buyer's premium is retained by the auction company.


Q: Why do you need all my information?

A: When you register, you are signing a legally binding contract agreeing to the terms and conditions of the auction. Your information is thus necessary for the registration process.


Q: How do I join so I can place bids? Does it cost anything?

A: Registering is FREE. However, a deposit may be required to bid. Please see auction terms and conditions for additional information.


Q: If I place a bid and I make a mistake or I decide later that I don't want the product, can I cancel my bid?

A: No. All bids are final and not retractable once it has been submitted. Please bid wisely. If you are placing your bid through or, you will need to check with those bidding sites for their bidding policy.


Q: What Forms of Payment are Acceptable?

A: Karbury's accepts cash, wire transfer, cashier's check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.


Q: How Do I Bid at Auction?

A: It's simple! No less than 24 hours prior to the auction, you can register with one of the online auction sites, or, or you can register at to place absentee or telephone bids.


Please remember, when you are the winning buyer, a contract is formed between you and the auction house. If you are the high bidder and the auction has declared the item sold, it is now your responsibility to secure the item and pay for it.