Asian Antiques Blog -Profiles of Collectors of Asian Art in America Series

Born in 1854, Charles Lang Freer was a famous industrialist, art collector and philanthropist active in the late 19th-early 20th century. Freer was undisputedly a highly discerning connoisseur of fine Asian art, and yet it widely recognized that much of his acquisitions was in part guided by the famous curator Ernest Fenollosa who once poetically conjured a vision the magnate's collection:

"A mural painting by Kano Eitoku, a tea bowl by Kenzan, and an oil seascape by Whistler achieve similar delicate tonal effects."

Freer's friendship a...

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Gardens in Chinese Art –Asian Art Themes

With our upcoming auction featuring many ceramic and painting works depicting the venerable and beautiful tradition of gardens in Chinese art we wanted to share Karbury’s love of the traditional Chinese garden. The garden brings together the three perfections: calligraphy, poetry and painting in a truly wondrous way, exhibited in ceramics, porcelains, paintings, and more.

Gardens and the depiction of their beauty in ar...

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