A Famille-Rose Vase Qianlong Mark

粉彩花绘赏瓶 <<大清乾隆年製>> 款

22 July, 2017 | 06:00 PM PST


Lot: 115 A Famille-Rose Vase Qianlong Mark The ovoid body is decorated with four panels of various flowers with birds, butterflies, and grasshoppers, between band of ruyi and petal lappet, all rising from a flared foot with band of floral sprays. There is a high waisted and fluted neck with band of ruyi at the mouth and ruyi lappets at the shoulder. The turquoise base has an iron-red six-character Qianlong reign mark. 粉彩花绘赏瓶 <<大清乾隆年製>> 款 Size: 12 in. (31 cm.) h x 8 1/2 in. (22 cm.) w

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