Experts Advisory Board

Our international team include top experts in the field all of whom specialize in historic Chinese fine art and antiques.

Karbury's works closely on a consultation basis with highly regarded experts, scholars, and specialists in Asian and American art to assess and evaluate all auction offerings. We perform ethical and due diligence research regarding the attribution, dating and provenance of all artwork and antiques.

Dr. Robert Lin is a senior appraiser for China's Commission on Artwork Authentication and is one of the world's most prominent collectors and connoisseurs of Chinese antiques. He has been invited to lecture at many prestigious universities, museums, and connoisseur associations.

Mr. Ouyang Moyi is the Director of the Library of The Nanjing Museum, one of the largest museums in China and is a leading expert in Chinese painting and calligraphy.

Ms. Tian Ru is a Secretary of the Chinese Commission on Artwork Authentication and specializes in antique Chinese porcelain.

Dr. Xu Zhice is the Director of Department of Fetology, Soochow University and is an expert specializing ancient Chinese Ceramics.

Mr. Zhang Dong is Vice President of the Collectors' Association of Jiangxi Province and an expert and specialist in the fields of Yuan and Ming porcelain.