Estate Sale

Karbury's has built a strong reputation on offering trustworthy, professional and reputable liquidation services for household estates.

We work hard to make the process as easy as possible for you. Our expert staff can handle all aspects of estate sales, from the initial inventory of key assets, all required organization, research, pricing, sales and marketing for sale, as well as the final clearing of the estate and donation services. Our professional and experienced approach to onsite estate sales ensures that all aspects of the sale run smoothly. We will 'stage' the sale - meaning that we will display the items in your estate sale in the most attractive way possible for potential buyers.

We skillfully assist our clients as they make decisions about what to do with any estate items, including how to manage the necessary logistics. We offer services to fit your needs and will create step-by-step plans for each sale. Karbury's caring and understanding staff take pride in treating our clients with respect and dignity.